Brighter Landlording

Market Update: How to get ahead in a tight rental market

by Dylan Penny, Property Manager 17 February 2022

The rental market here in Brisbane has tightened dramatically with a third fewer homes available to renters than this time last year.

Brissie’s vacancy rate sits around a super tight 1 per cent mark. The number of rental listings available in January compared to the same time last year was down 32.7 per cent, reports Domain.

The Real Estate Institute of Queensland dubs anything below 2.5 per cent a tight market, so we’re definitely in squeeze territory.

This makes it a tough time for renters looking for a new home. What can you do to make your rental search a little easier in a tough market?

Getting to know your local agents and putting yourself on their radar is a good step. Also be clear on your ‘wish list’ features versus your ‘no compromise’ check lists; and keep an open mind about location.

If you’re at the point of application, has published some detailed advice on the documentation you’re likely to need to support your application. This covers everything from ID to pay slips to rental history, plus some tips to help your application stand out from the crowd:

“Any evidence from past landlords or an employer saying you are trustworthy is gold on a rental application,” it says.

“Character references do not have to be long, but ensure they are positive, relevant and come from credible sources.”

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