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Middle ring burbs targeted for new look infill developments

by Karleen Jentz, Copywriter 13 September 2017

Just how far can urban sprawl spread before we start looking for new ways to accommodate our growing population?

That is the question the Queensland Government and Urban Development Institute of Australia are trying to answer creatively.

Their response was to run a competition named “Density and Diversity Done Well” with the key challenge to take a typical suburban neighbourhood of 20 houses and think outside the box to re-model the same space with more dwellings and no loss of amenity.

You can see the results reported in The Courier-Mail with subtropical laneways, shared courtyards, green rooftops and green walls amongst some of the more creative entries which managed to increase dwelling numbers from 20 to 140 in one instance.

These are all examples of what is now being dubbed “missing middle” dwellings, which increase density through terraces and smaller-lot housing typically in the middle-ring suburbs where under-utilised space exists.

Timely then that Mirvac has announced plans for two developments in Arana Hills and Everton Park which will inject hundreds of new townhouses and homes into these middle ring faves.

The developments will be launched in 2018 pending Brisbane City Council approval.

If this is a sign of things to come, you better take a photo of your backyard – it could be a collectors’ item in years to come.

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