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Mood: Paint wisely — #8 hues that will colour your behaviour… and your kids!

by Karleen Jentz, Copywriter 19 July 2017

Thinking your walls are due for a makeover? Paint wisely friends. Colours can affect your moods and behaviour dramatically and the results can be amplified when it comes to kids.

Never fear, Houzz is here with a dictionary of wall paint definitions so you can paint for affect, not just effect.

  • Red. Too much will agitate an already restless child and it can encourage aggressive behaviour. Use it sparingly as an accent to energize but not over-excite.
  • Orange. Encourages warmth, extroversion and independence, inspiring social confidence in you and your kids.
  • Yellow. Splash too much sunshine and you’ll feel agitated and even angry. But use yellow wisely and you’ll feel cheery, increase memory and concentration.
  • Green. Go green wherever you can. Much like veges, you can’t have too much of this good stuff. It reduces anxiety, calms and may even increase your child’s reading and comprehension.
  • Pink. The biggest problem with pink is your child is likely to outgrow it and you’ll be painting that wall again before you know it. So use it sparingly for a calm effect.
  • Purple. This will inspire passion, creativity, wisdom and spirituality so opt for this when pondering life’s existential questions, and tone it down if your cherub child is a sensitive one.

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Too much will agitate an already restless child.


Encourages warmth and independence.


Use yellow wisely and concentration.


Green reduces anxiety and calms.


Your child is likely to outgrow pink quickly.


Purple inspires passion and creativity.