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Sentiment: Experts predict #25 hot Aussie markets tipped for growth

by Karleen Jentz, Copywriter 19 July 2017

Buyer psychology has a huge influence on property markets, just look at speculative investors scrambling over the latest hot spot prediction like seagulls squabbling over a chip.

It can be a risky game: underlying demand and supply will determine long term performance so always read hot spot tips with caution.

But it can pay to know what the experts are thinking, so NAB asks around 260 property professionals for their forecasts each quarter.

On the whole, NAB concluded the Australian property market is in for an “orderly adjustment” after many years of strong growth, particularly in the southern states, reports Business Insider.

While that might be the conclusion for the broad-brush average performance of the Aussie market, within our vast nation lie many separate markets.

The property professionals surveyed identified #25 Aussie markets they believed would display above average growth over the next 12 months – with six of those here in Queensland.

In no particular order, check out the Aussie spots experts tip for above average growth in the next year:

  1. Brisbane, Qld
  2. Coomera, Qld
  3. Gold Coast, Qld
  4. Logan, Qld
  5. Pimpana, Qld
  6. Sunshine Coast, Qld
  7. Box Hill, NSW
  8. Newcastle, NSW
  9. Redfern, NSW
  10. Surry Hills, NSW
  11. Sydney, NSW
  12. Wickham, NSW
  13. Armadale, Vic
  14. Brighton, Vic
  15. Footscray, Vic
  16. Frankston, Vic
  17. Kew, Vic
  18. Melbourne, Vic
  19. South Yarra, Vic
  20. St Kilda, Vic
  21. Nairne, SA
  22. Armadale, WA
  23. Bentley, WA
  24. Perth, WA
  25. Scarborough, WA

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NAB Residential Property Index

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