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Moving on after separation or divorce

by Justin Watt, CEO 9 May 2018

Breaking up is hard to do at the best of times, and it’s more complicated when you separate or divorce from a partner who you live with.

Whether you rent together, own your home outright or share a mortgage will all have an impact on the steps you take to close one chapter and start a new leaf.

Getting the right advice at the outset can save you facing financial heartache when, let’s face it, you probably feel crappy enough already.

The Australian Securities and Investment Commission’s MoneySmart website is a great source of independent and practical advice that can help you take your first few steps after a separation.

Were you renting together? Make sure you take your name off the rental agreement when you move out, or you will be liable for any unpaid rent or damage caused by your ex-partner.

Likewise, update your name on the utility bills and consider closing joint bank accounts.

Do you jointly own your house or share a mortgage? Speak to a solicitor to navigate your way through separating your property assets and make sure you update your will, says MoneySmart.

And when it does come time to sell, choose an agent you can trust will do the right thing by you.

“I’ve helped hundreds and hundreds of clients over the years and a separation is always sad but it’s a great privilege to be able to offer them protection when they’re in a vulnerable position,” says Watt CEO Justin Watt in the above video..

“My agenda doesn’t change, I aim to get them the most amount of money in the shortest time so they can move on.”

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