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How to mystery shop your agent in #3 simple steps

by Justin Watt, CEO 24 April 2018

Here’s something you probably already know: people don’t like real estate agents.

So if a buyer contacts an agent about your property, you can be guaranteed they’re not ringing for a friendly chat. They’re ready to roll.

That’s why it pays to put yourself in the buyer’s shoes and mystery shop your agent before you sign them up to sell your property.

If you’re about to put your house on the market, do your research and mystery shop prospective agents before you make a decision.

Got some agents in mind already? Get ready to mystery shop.

  • First up, just ping off an online enquiry to the agents about a property they’re currently selling. Do you get a response? Is it helpful?
  • Next, let’s ring them – see what happens. Do they return your call straight away?
  • Finally, get yourself to one of their open homes. Send your friends and family too. Are they representing this property the way you’d like someone to represent your home?

See, it’s not that hard, and it pays to do this with every agent you consider appointing to sell your home.

I expect you to put me through my paces too.

Want to mystery shop me? Get in touch.

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