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Neglectful property owners put on notice: clean up or pay up

by Karleen Jentz, Copywriter 30 June 2017

Garden growing out of control? Hoarding habits spilling on to the footpath?

Consider yourself put on notice.

From 30 June 2017 the Brisbane City Council will be cracking down on unkempt properties with a new dream team ready to clean… at your expense!

As part of its recently announced 2017-18 budget the Council is putting $500,000 towards employing four new officers responsible for managing properties that were found to be breaching local laws for health, safety and amenity, such as hoarding and out-of-control vegetation.

Hands-off investors are top of its hit list.

“Too many investors think that because they don’t live in their property, they have no responsibility to maintain it, but this is not the case,” Brisbane City Council community services chairman Matthew Bourke told Brisbane Times.

So how will it work?

Council will ask problem property owners to voluntarily clean their properties.

If these attempts fail, then Council would move to enforcement notices and fines, including Council powers to engage contractors to clean the property and charge owners in their next rates bill.

If you ask us, we think keeping your investment property in good shape has far more advantages than keeping the Council off your back.

Protecting and maintaining your asset will preserve its value and ensure it’s ready to rent when tenants move on. Make sure your property manager is doing regular inspections and helping you stay on top of maintenance and repairs.

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