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Put your house to work for $2,500 a day with these money-making tips

by Karleen Jentz, Copywriter 23 June 2017

Home maintenance is an inescapable part of home ownership. It makes sense to protect the roof over your head and your largest financial asset.

What’s it cost to maintain a home? Some say a rule of thumb is 1 per cent of the purchase price. But really it depends on the property age and condition.

Regardless of the cost, viewing your home as a maintenance money pit is a glass-half-empty view of home ownership.

We prefer to take a glass-half-full perspective so here are a few novel ideas to get your home earning its keep.

#5 tips to turn your house into a money maker:

  1. Renting your house out as a film set can earn you up to $2,500 a day says Television shows, film producers and advertising companies are scouting for all kinds of houses every day. In Queensland try registering your home with
  2. Rent out your garage or carport as a parking space. This works particularly well if your home is close to the inner city or a transport hub with limited public parking. Advertise on sites like and watch your cash roll in.
  3. Rent your storage space. Got a spare garage or downstairs room? Rent it out for storage. Again, check out how it’s done on
  4. Rent a room. These days Airbnb makes it super easy to find tenants who’ll pay by the room. You can also check out or google other house-sharing sites.
  5. Turn your backyard into a camping spot. This one is a little trickier to get off the ground. Sydney start-up Homecamp, the ‘Airbnb of camping’ shut down after two years of operations but in a share economy the idea could be worth a second look. Talk to your local council to find out if restrictions apply.

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