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#15 Brisbane burbs which now command a million dollar price tag

by Kate Watt, Marketing Manager 23 June 2017

It appears our Brisbane is moving up in the world with 15 suburbs now boasting median prices in excess of $1 million.

We even have our first $2 million suburb, Teneriffe, which has sky-rocketed 40 per cent in the past 12 months and almost doubled in value in the last five years.

The growth at the top end of the Brissie market showed that Brisbane remained a “consistent performer” for property owners, Real Estate Institute of Queensland chief executive Antonia Mercorella told

While Brisbane’s upper echelons might look lofty to us, our southern neighbours in Sydney think Brisbane is a bargain buy.

The New South Wales capital has around 14 suburbs with a median price of more than $2 million.

While those numbers look impressive, we don’t envy the affordability struggles that come with them.

Check out Brisbane’s millionaire suburbs:

  1. Teneriffe, $2.075m
  2. New Farm, $1.615m
  3. Ascot, $1.4125m
  4. St Lucia, $1.185m
  5. Hamilton, $1.165m
  6. Highgate Hill, $1.1625m
  7. Hawthorne, $1,2m
  8. Bulimba, $1.15m
  9. Wilston, $1.15m
  10. West End, $1.08m
  11. Robertson, $1.077m
  12. Chelmer, $1.053m
  13. Clayfield, $1.05m
  14. Fig Tree Pocket, $1.05m
  15. Paddington, $1.005m

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