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Migration boom: 10,000 people flock to Brisbane

by Karleen Jentz, Copywriter 16 June 2017

We’ve seen it before and we’re seeing it again: the great migration north as southerners priced out of their local markets flock to Queensland in search of a better lifestyle and a smaller mortgage.

New figures show that in 2015-16 Brisbane attracted the highest number of people relocating from within Australia in a decade, with a net internal migration gain of 10,149 people.

Brisbane’s largest interstate donor of new residents was Sydney, while people moving from other parts of Queensland made up our largest contingent of new residents.

Property commentator Pete Wargent writing for, says the migration pattern is to be expected when you compare what Brisbane has to offer.

“It’s taken a long old while to get going, but the great cyclical migration north is picking up the pace as the Sydney housing market prices out some homebuyers, and people gradually work out how dreary the winters are down south,” he said.

It’s not just Brisbane that has benefited. Queensland’s entire south east corner was a clear winner. These local government areas all attracted substantially more people than they lost.

Net internal migration in 2015-16:

  • Brisbane 10,149
  • Moreton Bay 6,265
  • Gold Coast 6,247
  • Sunshine Coast 6,200

Interestingly of all the capital cities only Melbourne came close to attracting anywhere near the numbers we attracted to Brisbane and most cities lost residents. Here’s how we compare:

  • Melbourne 8,300
  • Hobart 400
  • Sydney -23,176
  • Adelaide -6,100
  • Perth -3,300
  • Darwin -1,200
  • Australian Capital Territory -180

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