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Like to watch? Zoom in on your next home with Globe 2.0

by Kate Watt, Marketing Manager 1 June 2017

The recent launch of a new, improved Queensland Globe has geo-spatial groupies giddy with delight and with good reason too.

The interactive map combines over 600 spatial data layers on roads, rail, flood zones, land valuations, school catchments (the list goes on) to tell you everything you could possibly want to know about a property without leaving your lounge room.

Globe 2.0 is now available on mobile phones and tablets too.

Natural Resources and Mines Minister Anthony Lynham told Brisbane Times that Globe 2.0 would put powerful data into the hands of property buyers at the time of purchase.

“When buying property, knowledge is power – and through the Globe, Queenslanders can now access location-based data immediately on property sites using their mobile phones or tablet device,” he said.

“Queenslanders can now be standing at a property auction, and have easy access to a wealth of government information to assist them in making their decision when buying.”

Ok, so you really ought to check that stuff out before bidding at auction, but we get the point.

The Real Estate Institute of Queensland has proclaimed the “seemingly limitless” applications of the Globe as a win-win for buyers and real estate agents.

You can search the Globe by area of interest, or by topics and you can show and hide individual layers.

Check out the Queensland Globe and see what you think.

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