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Got $17,543 cash? You can buy your first home in Brisbane

by Karleen Jentz, Copywriter 1 June 2017

New research from CoreLogic RPData has shown that first home buyers in Brisbane can get on the property ladder with as little as $17,543 cash stuffed under the mattress.

That’s the amount they say will cover a 5 per cent deposit and stamp duty on a unit valued at the 25th percentile of the market (i.e. the cheaper end).

Prefer a house with a 20 per cent deposit? With just $79,043 cash you can buy a very respectable first-timer cheapie.

Either scenario is a breath of fresh of air compared to other Australian capital cities where first home buyers can be saving for many more years to take their first step on the property ladder.

Spare a thought for Sydney-siders who need to save $158,933 cash for a 20 per cent house deposit and stamp duty – and that’s not buying them a premium product.

Brisbane rated second only to Hobart on the cash affordability stakes. Check out the full list below from CoreLogic RPData.

Costs for a 20 per cent deposit and stamp duty for houses:

  • Hobart $64,477
  • Brisbane $79,043
  • Perth $81,022
  • Darwin $81,557
  • Adelaide $83,546
  • Melbourne $95,273
  • Canberra $120,107
  • Sydney $158,933

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