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Robots set to replace agents… we’re going on holiday!

by Kate Watt, Marketing Manager 16 June 2017

Holographic agents and virtual reality headsets could replace real estate agents by 2020 according to a cheeky prediction shared at the Australasian Real Estate Conference on the Gold Coast last month.

The bold forecast was made by REA Group chief inventor Nigel Dalton who warned that robotics would have the capability to replace agents in just a matter of years, reports

But would you trust a robot to sell your house?

The biggest shortcoming of robotics in customer service industries is the inability to read human expressions and emotions Dalton warned.

Consider your agent in complex negotiations with a prospective buyer.

“There’s a moment in that conversation when a glance happens – a 70 millisecond glance and you know you’re in trouble,” said Dalton. “I cannot get a computer to recognise the glance.”

So, he concludes, a robot could replace only an average agent, not a good one.

Perhaps that’s why real estate agents didn’t make the Forbes list of professions under threat from robots. But check out some surprising professions that did:

  • Healthcare workers
  • Insurance industry workers
  • Architects
  • Journalists
  • Financial industry workers
  • Teachers

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