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New online tool reveals if you’re in a rental hotspot

by Karleen Jentz, Copywriter 25 January 2018

It’s so easy to become an armchair property expert these days with a host of online data and tools available at your fingertips.

We’ve found another one we think you’ll like.

The clever coders at have launched a new interactive tool which tracks rental demand by suburb.

You select your state, suburb and type of property, then be wowed with the data before you.

We plugged in the details for houses for Aspley and, like we suspected, we’re so hot right now.

We’ve seen a 33.4 per cent increase in demand compared to the same time last year with rental properties attracting an average 607 visits on Weekly rent is an average $450.

Our neighbours in Chermside West have seen a whopping 62.6% increase in demand compared to the same time last year with 751 visits.

But that’s nothing compared to our nation’s top rental hot spot: Tassie. Where some suburbs are attracting in excess of 2000 visits.

Popular suburbs in Melbourne too have also cracked the top 10 with Fitzroy, Carlton and St Kilda attracting 1800 or more visits per rental property.

The tool is a lot of fun but we offer a word of caution. The data is providing a snapshot in time, just a comparison of now, compared to a year ago.

You might use this as one piece of data to inform your property buying decisions. But also look for longer term, sustained demand over many months and years, underpinned by strong fundamentals like a great location, access to amenities and all those other old-fashioned indicators which still drive supply and demand.

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