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Ready to renovate?

by Kate Watt, Marketing Manager 1 November 2018

The Block may be over for another year, but the sounds of renovating are ringing through Brisbane’s suburbs.

New research from property values Herron Todd White has found the suburbs where renovations are going strong, with Annerley, Greenslopes, Holland Park, Stafford Heights, Paddington, Bardon, Chapel Hill and Kenmore the most popular.

“One of the excellent litmus tests of our growing appeal must be the amount of building activity underway in our suburbs,” the report said.

“It’s looking great for school zones where the cost of homes isn’t prohibitive and you’ll spot plenty of people looking to add a little equity through hard yakka.”

Herron Todd White director Alex Payne said many residents were opting to renovate rather than trade-up.

“Brisbane has really matured in the past five to 10 years and we’re seeing a lot of the cafes and the things that people used to move to specific suburbs for, starting to pop up in these areas,” he said.

“It’s a real sign of Brisbane maturing and it’s attracting southern buyers, who come up here and see that Brisbane does have things to offer that we never used to have.”

Mr Payne said many people were updating kitchens and bathrooms with structural changes more common in the prestigious suburbs.

“When you go into the more affluent areas like Paddington and Bardon, you will see the big renovations,” he said.

“Generally though, a lot of it is restricted to getting the kitchen and bathroom up to scratch.”

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