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Reno must knows: #3 hottest colours for 2022

by Kate Watt, Marketing Manager 9 September 2021

Renovators, it’s time to smock up.

Dulux has released its much-anticipated Colour Forecast for 2022.

There’s a little something for every personality and painter, from dramatic depths, to breath-easy beiges and playful pastels.

Here’s the run down…

The Flourish palette is “unapologetically individual” matching bold and moody colours with dark or light neutrals. Think you can’t place turquoise and terracotta together? Think again! In this palette sensual blues meet rosy hues in a love match to rival even the boldest Shaynna Blaze feature wall.

The Restore palette is “cosy and cocooning”, ready to soothe after the year that’s been. It’s like a stroll over moss-covered pebbles in your grandma’s garden. Think off-whites and soft stone with some mottled greens thrown in. Just add a paleo recipe book and upcycled furniture to complete your earthy new look.

The Wonder palette is all about “reawakening and celebration” with pastel colours of every kind. It’s like looking at a kids’ playground through tissue paper. Or perhaps this is what a Katy Perry costume would look like if it took a valium. Pink, yellow, green, blue, purple, and more … you get the pretty picture!

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