Brighter Buying

Reverse Feng Shui giving local buyers an edge

by Karleen Jentz, Copywriter 3 February 2016

Sellers in Australia’s southern markets popular with Chinese investors have been known to utilise Feng Shui design principles to command a premium for their homes.

It’s a global phenomenon, with one American study revealing more than 79% of Chinese investors would pay more for a house with good Feng Shui.

But Australian buyers are now using “reverse Feng Shui” to avoid competing with cashed up investors, according to Brisbane Times.

Put simply, Aussie buyers are learning to spot bad Feng Shui that will deter Chinese investors, in turn avoiding pricey bidding wars.

So what does bad Feng Shui look like?

Properties on the fourth floor or the street number four are thought to bring bad fortune. Also cul de sacs, T intersections and winding roads are thought to bring bad health.

Read more tips on Brisbane Times and you could save yourself from entering a bidding war with a Feng Shui devotee.

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