Brighter Buying

Single this Valentines? Don’t let it spoil your property love match.

by Kate Watt, Marketing Manager 9 February 2023

Once upon a time, taking the plunge with a property purchase happened when you and your-other-half decided to move in together.

Now savvy singles are navigating their own path to finding their perfect property partner.

A new survey from National Australia Bank has shown that 40 per cent of young Australians were considering buying property with someone other than a romantic partner.

“Younger Australians aren’t letting meeting a partner or getting married later in life hold them back from owning a home now,” said NAB Executive Home Ownership Andy Kerr.

“People are definitely looking at their options and casting the net wider when thinking about who they could buy with.”

The survey looked at considerations of Australians looking to buy property. It turned up these interesting factoids:

  • The most common compromise (41%) buyers of all ages are willing to make is the amount they are willing to spend.
  • About one in three would trade off the size of the land, garden or outdoor space (31%), while about 28% would give up their preferred location.
  • Almost a third are willing to buy and rent the property out initially – with rent-vesting continuing to “creep up” in popularity.
  • One in 10 aren’t willing to budge at all on their wish list.

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