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The Block’s Marty Fox passes judgement on Queensland

by Kate Watt, Marketing Manager 2 August 2023

Renovation lovers will be counting down the days til the new season of The Block kicks off.

And before the first episode has hit our TV screens, we’re already getting a glimpse of the straight talking we can expect from the judges.

New judge, Marty Fox, a ‘serial flipper’ and Melbourne-based real estate professional, has crossed the border for the first time in seven years and declared that Queensland has “really lifted its game”.

Here’s what he told

“I did see an infiltration of Melbourne and Sydney intellectual property, particularly in the food and beverage space,” Marty said.

“It has changed Queensland, there’s far more culture than when I was last there, and that has a direct impact on property.”

Hmm. We’re not so sure that’s a compliment.

To get a little philosophical about things: Since when did Sydney and Melbourne IP equate to culture?

We love the Sydney and Melbourne food scenes as much as anyone, but Queenslanders do it differently and we love the things that make us quintessentially Queensland.

We love a beer garden shaded by a Moreton Bay Fig, an outdoor café brunch with a river view, or a beachside barbeque.

Look at us, getting all stirred up by the judges before The Block has begun!

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