Brighter Buying

The right rental property for you

by Kate Watt, Marketing Manager 3 October 2018

If you’re looking for a rental property that pretty much pays for itself, then there are certain suburbs where you should start looking.

National property market research firm Propertyology analysed the data and has unearthed the best options, based on the annual cash flow position for a typical property.

Simon Pressley, from Propertyology, said the results showed many of these addresses were well within the reach of the average investor, with rents cover most of the property’s holding costs.

“Even in suburbs where you do need to contribute, the maximum an investor would be out-of-pocket is around $100 per week, or the cost of a decent night out,” he said.

“Price growth cycles are still ahead for Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth, so high cash flow options are likely to pay off sooner in terms of value gains.”

In Brisbane, a typical house in Coopers Plains sells for $400,000.

“It’s 15km south of the CBD and at that price, will be cash flow positive by $3600 per year,” Mr Pressley said.

“Cedar Vale, Russel Island, Blackstone and Gailes round out Brisbane’s top five and are cash flow positive opportunities too.”

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