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These #10 Brissie ’burbs topped the growth chart in 2016-17

by Kate Watt, Marketing Manager 10 August 2017

Did you pick up a second salary last financial year? Probably not.

Or perhaps you did without knowing it. The clever calculators at have analysed data from CoreLogic to identify three Brissie suburbs where property values increased more than Australia’s minimum annual wage in 2016-17.

Home owners in Ascot, Wilston and Auchenflower saw growth in excess of $36,000. If only your house could pay your salary!

They weren’t the only residents in the greater Brisbane area to see considerable price increases reaching almost 30 per cent in some cases.

That is a lot higher than the average Brisbane dwelling growth rate we reported last month.

But as we know broad brush averages can gloss over the many mini markets that make up Brisbane. Low sales volumes can also skew results. Willowbank saw a whopping 29.09 per cent increase in house prices, but of its 21 sales in 2016-17, several acreage sales contributed to the high result.

Data for inner suburbs with higher sales volumes were a truer indicator of across-the-broad growth.

Our advice: always talk to a local agent for an on-the-ground view of what is actually happening with prices.

Meanwhile, enjoy reading greater Brisbane’s top #10 growth suburbs for houses in 2016-17:

  1. Willowbank 29.09%
  2. Point Lookout 28.49%
  3. Teneriffe 28.44%
  4. Fig Tree Pocket 28.34%
  5. Woodend 25.42%
  6. Anstead 24.19%
  7. Auchenflower 19.34%
  8. Ascot 19.05%
  9. Milton 18.79%
  10. Wilston 17.65%

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