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These #2 north Brissie burbs are so hot right now for families

by Kate Watt, Marketing Manager 1 March 2023

Where on the north side can you find great value, gentrification, access to good schools and transport?

There are literally dozens of north Brissie burbs that fit that description.

But two in particular have been called out amongst the Hot 100 suburbs for having ticks in all the right boxes when it comes to being family friendly.

Locals have long known Bracken Ridge and its sturdy weatherboards are great budget-friendly options for families, and some big guns have noticed. Property commentator, Pete Wargent from BuyersBuyers, says this burb is great value.

“Bracken Ridge was traditionally a lower socio-demographic area, however, it is gentrifying and improving all the time,” he said.

“And it’s less than 20km from the heart of the city, so not too far to commute if required.”

A little further on the train line, and Petrie is also getting some attention.

Buyer’s agent Kate Hill from Adviseable calls Petrie a great “connector suburb” between north Brisbane and Moreton Bay.

“It has really good access to … the job nodes in those areas,” she said. “It’s got good local schools. There’s also that new university campus …and (it) has good access to shopping. So really it’s just everything that families like and need.”

Add to that a touch of country charm and weekend markets at Old Petrie Town, and you have a budget friendly northside winner.

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