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Top #5 worst property investment ideas

by Kate Watt, Marketing Manager 2 December 2015

The school holidays haven’t even started yet and Queensland is being inundated with southerners. It’s not the sun and surf they’re after – it’s our bargain properties.

With 2015 almost behind us, you might be thinking ahead to your New Year investment plans. Choosing an investment strategy can be tricky and it’s important your selection matches your individual needs.

But, as SQM Research tells Property Observer , there are some investment options the sensible investor should probably strike off the list at the outset if they want to avoid exposure to seriously risky business.

View the top #5 worst property investment ideas below.

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#1 Cruise ship suites

Sadly, the depreciation in asset value is likely to outweigh the net cash flow return.

#2 Retirement villages

It might be a sound option for a retiree, but investors could seek better returns elsewhere.

#3 Mining towns

What goes up must come down in a single industry mining town.

#4 Lifestyle properties

Beware of high body corporates eroding the value of your holiday resort investment.

#5 Overpriced, off-the-plan apartment developments

This one is a no-brainer – why pay more than market value?