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Market update: Top northside burbs see unit prices grow more than 20%

by Richard Parker, Sales Manager 28 September 2023

As buyers chase affordability and location, we’ve seen attention swing to the unit market.

Higher density living can often come with convenience, amenity, low maintenance, and proximity to transport, shops and commercial hubs… all with a cheaper price tag.

It’s no wonder some commentators have dubbed 2023 the “year of the apartment”.

Here on the northside we’re seeing strong proof of unit popularity.

In Carseldine, units jumped a whopping 24.4 per cent in the 12 months to June, reports Domain.

This location ticks a lot of boxes: train station, local shops and employment hubs plus proximity to the Aspley retail and commercial hub, make it an appealing spot. With median unit prices sitting just a shade above $520,000, it still offers affordable buying.

Also on the north side, units in Alderley and Taigum saw significant price jumps in the past year. You’ll find similar factors driving the appeal of these hot spots – but sitting at different price points on the property ladder. Alderley, closer to the CBD, has a median unit price above $550,000. Taigum, sitting further out, has a median unit price of $500,000. Houses in Taigum have also seen a price spike over the same period but still represent very affordable buying at a median price of $557,500.

Check out the hot spots within 15km of the CBD where prices have jumped highest in the 12 months to June 2023:

  • Alderley, Unit, 25.1%
  • Carseldine, Unit, 24.4%
  • Taigum, House, 18.0%
  • Rochedale, House, 17.2%
  • Sherwood, Unit, 16.7%
  • Taigum, Unit, 15.7%
  • Richlands, Unit, 15.1%

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