Brighter Landlording

Want to earn more rent? Try these #6 tips

by Karleen Jentz, Copywriter 13 April 2017

Investors could be forgiven for feeling in need of a little lift in their fortunes.

Last month the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) announced additional measures to tighten investor lending.

This comes on top of earlier investor lending changes which see investment loans attract a higher interest rate than owner occupier loans. Regulators and governments have good intentions: they are interested in taking the heat out of bubbling hot markets.

But we understand if investors are feeling a little thwarted when it comes to growing their property empires.

We can’t do much to change government regulations. But we can help you make the most of the investment portfolio you do have, so let’s take a look at how to maximise your rent.

Here are #6 tips to turbo charge your rental income

  1. Considering pets could help you command 10-15 per cent more rent
  2. Give your property a light touch cosmetic makeover to freshen its appeal
  3. Negotiate longer lease terms, this minimises vacancies and re-letting fees
  4. Include lawn mowing to command a higher rent (and it’s tax deductable)
  5. Add air conditioning – a cheap unit will cool the house as well as a pricey one
  6. Add off street parking with a basic car port

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