Brighter And some

This piece of back shed junk is making a super stylish comeback

by Karleen Jentz, Copywriter 13 April 2017

Be honest. Do you have pieces of old furniture stashed in the garage or the garden shed – stuff you can’t part with but don’t use either?

Well, everything old becomes new again at some stage and if a trestle table is amongst your cobweb covered stash, dust it off and give it centre stage in your home.

The trestle table is trending now! It must be true, we read it on Houzz.

The trestle table has trended in and out of fashion since it was first devised as a dining table in medieval times, Houzz says.

While you’ll still see trestle tables in dining rooms, the hippest of the hipsters are placing trestle tables in their home office or study.

(Still sporting a corner desk with draws in your study? Hang your head in shame!)

The best part about this trend is that is doesn’t cost the earth.

If you prefer functionality over form, head to Bunnings and pick up a trestle table for less than $50.

But if you prefer style with substance, check out Ikea where you can get a snazzy black and white Linnmon / Oddvald combo for just under $100.

And, if you’re feeling particularly minimalist, why not ditch the table and just buy the trestle. Check out Ikea’s Finnvard in birch. So edgy.

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Vintage veneer

The wear & tear of the table adds character to the space.

Utilitarian aesthetic

The dark colours add weight to the light and bright room.

Contemporary cool

It can easily be moved or folded away if additional space is required.

Old and new

Mix and match old and new pieces to create a sense of personality.