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Why Sydney-siders are wankers + #5 reasons Leigh Sales loves Brisbane

by Kate Watt, Marketing Manager 8 March 2017

ABC news presenter Leigh Sales, of 7.30 fame, grew up in the heartland of north Brisbane, counting Keperra and Bald Hills as her childhood neighbourhoods in the 1970s and ‘80s.

In a recent interview with Brisbane Times the down-to-earth Sales shared her memories of growing up in a time dominated by above-ground pools, bike riding and plucking bindies out of bare feet.

We think her memoirs will strike a chord with Brissie locals. Prepare for a trip down memory lane as you read Leigh Sales’ childhood recollections:

  1. A special night out meant a visit to the Double Golden Dragon Chinese restaurant at Strathpine.
  2. Movies were seen at the drive-in at Boondall or Aspley (not the Chermside multiplex). The drive-in played the triple Star Wars bill when Return of the Jedi came out.
  3. Parents didn’t want to see their kids until dark, and kids would spend all day riding bikes non-stop around the neighbourhood.
  4. Summer featured above-ground pools (in-ground pools were a luxury) and much like today kids got sore feet from bindies in the lawn, and scorching hot bitumen.
  5. It was a really big deal when Westfield opened at Strathpine and when the Hypermarket opened at Aspley.

For these reasons and many more, Leigh Sales has remained a staunch Brisbane supporter and she’s not afraid to say so. “I get cranky when people in Sydney say, ‘I could never live in Brisbane’,” she told Brisbane Times. “I think, ‘shut-up you wanker,’ which is a very Queensland thing to think.”

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Spend all day riding bikes

In that era, your parents didn't want to see you again until it was getting dark.

Hypermarket Aspley

When the Hypermarket opened at Aspley in 1984 - that was huge.

Above-ground pools

Nearly everybody had an above-ground pool - in-ground was luxury!

Drive-in at Aspley

Aspley outlasted most drive-ins in the country - but it closed in mysterious circumstances.

Double Golden Dragon Chinese Strathpine

Dinner at the Double Golden Dragon would be a once or twice a year occasion.

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