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Market Update: Will Brissie prices fall as interest rates rise?

by Justin Watt, CEO 12 May 2022

For the newest generation of home buyers the interest rate hike this month - the first in 11 years - is no doubt raising questions as well as raising mortgage repayments.

Will my bank pass on the rate rise in full? Will more rate rises follow? Will property prices continue going up?

The answers are probably yes, yes and … quite likely.

Banks are usually quick to pass on rate rises and economists are widely tipping more rate rises to come as inflation continues to rise. You can be pretty sure of these things.

But what will property prices do? Here in Brisbane, the market fundamentals remain strong. While a rate rise might take some puff out of the pace of growth, property commentators believe the market has room for more growth yet.

Queensland Property Council Executive Director Jen Williams told 4BC that Brisbane remains a hot market.

“Brisbane has been a bit different to the other states traditionally in terms of the housing markets,” she said.

“It’s simmering pretty hot and there’s been a lot of demand and there’s been a lot of stimulus in the market as well, we are seeing the southern states cool back a bit.

“But for Brisbane and SEQ it seems demand is still really, really strong in the market.”

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