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Year-round silly season on Butt Street and Willys Avenue drives down prices

by Karleen Jentz, Copywriter 14 December 2017

Tis the season to be jolly but you may not have reason to laugh if you live a on a street where it’s silly season every day.

House prices on streets with silly names are significantly lower than nearby streets, a study by Victorian school students has found.

Butt Street, Fanny Street and Wanke Road properties sold for 20 per cent less than those in neutrally named adjacent streets based on 47 years of sales records, according to the findings reported by the ABC.

The prospect of living on Beaver Street, Willys Avenue or Grogan Court would cause embarrassment for about one-third of adults surveyed as part of the study.

This lead the students to conclude that silly names were such a turn off they were driving down demand on these streets.

“We think that there is a proportion of people that wouldn’t be comfortable living in those streets, so they don’t complete for those properties and that would drive prices down,” said Adam Cole, head of science at Sacred Heart College.

While the study was focused on Victoria, we can’t help but wonder if the effects would be the same around the country.

This report by has done the hard yards for a Queensland version of the study, identifying these amongst the list of worst street names in the state:

  • Woollybutt Street, New Auckland,
  • Bonar Street, Morningside
  • Weenah Street, Bracken Ridge
  • Bald Knob Road, Peachester
  • Murdering Creek Road, Weyba Downs.

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