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#3 tips to organise your kitchen for speedy school lunches

by Kate Watt, Marketing Manager 6 February 2020

School is back and the burst of energy – or relief – that fuelled your morning routine last week has now well and truly burned out.

The morning grind of finding clean uniforms, serving up breakfast and packing lunches is starting to weigh on your shoulders a little more heavily.
So take whatever help you can get and that includes making sure your kitchen is working for your routine.
A well organised kitchen, pantry and fridge can make meal preparation and school lunches that little bit easier. Sadly, your kitchen can’t iron or wash uniforms or drive your kiddies to school. But look, we think any hack is worth trying!
So first things first. Get the pantry humming.
Houzz recommends clear jars and mini shelves between the big shelves to improve visibility of your stock. And if you run out of goodies, keep a list on the front of the pantry, preferably old-school blackboard style for an on-trend look.
Secondly, your fridge. If you keep your milk in the door, you’re probably doing all wrong, says the Good House Keeping Institute on To minimise waste and keep the school lunch goodies lasting longer, keep items unlikely to go off – like jam – in the door which is the warmest part of the fridge. Dairy items like milk and school lunch yoghurts, should sit in the middle and lower shelves where it’s cooler. Lids on tight.
The third and last tip is a little more intensive but if you’re considering a kitchen reno or a move in the near future, you must learn all you can about the life-changing ‘kitchen triangle’. This is the ideal layout for a functional kitchen. Check out this advice from Bunnings:
“In an ideal kitchen, you should be able to draw a triangle between these three work centres – the kitchen sink, the fridge and the stove. Ideally, these should be at least 1200mm away from each other.”
Of course, check with a builder to make sure you take into account regulations that may apply and to help you work around existing services which will save you dollars.
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