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#4 North side hot spots Monopoly missed

by Kate Watt, Marketing Manager 2 November 2016

The Brisbane edition Monopoly board game has been unveiled and we have just one question: where are our north side faves?

Monopoly properties were selected by popular vote and so it’s not surprising that Brisbane’s central hot spots topped the list.

South Bank claimed the prestigious Mayfair spot while the Story Bridge claimed Park Lane.

But where are our north side icons? If Manly Harbour Village could make the cut, why not Shorncliffe Pier? Just saying!

Here are some other hot spots we think Monopoly missed.

  • Westfield Chermside. In fact not a single Westfield made the list. What’s up with that Brisbane? We know you love Westies, those jam-packed car parks don’t lie.
  • Bunnings at Stafford. The giant battle of Bunnings vs Masters has been fought over property as much as hardware. Bunning smashed it out of the ballpark.
  • Aspley Oriental Restaurant. Look no further than the weekend yum cha queue for proof of popularity.

Read the complete list of Brisbane Monopoly properties on Brisbane Times.

Or buy you very own limited edition Brisbane Monopoly from the ABC Shop for $49.99.

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