Brighter Buying

Brisbane suburb goes from sleepy to sought-after

by Kate Watt, Marketing Manager 3 November 2016

A new hot suburb has emerged in Brisbane and young and established families want in.

The once sleepy Kedron has undergone a transformation to become one of Brisbane’s trendiest suburbs, bringing a new generation of people to the city’s north. describes it as a “high-demand market”.

The average Queensland property is clicked on 256 times, compared to 786 in Kedron. That’s three as many people!

While its popularity is still less than the likes of Paddington (1058 clicks), it is now more popular than New Farm (603) and Bulimba (524).

Located about 7kms from the Brisbane CBD, Kedron is filled with old Queenslanders and workers cottages.

According to the, improved public transport links to the city and its proximity to Chermside had increased its desirability.

Residential properties rule the roost in Kedron, with the exception of the car yards and specialty restaurants that line Gympie Rd.

A handful of cafes are starting to make their mark on the backstreets, bringing with them a village-type feel. Just what the buyers want!

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