Brighter Buying

What buyers really want

by Karleen Jentz, Copywriter 2 November 2016

A safe neighbourhood and a backyard are rated amongst the most common “must haves” for Australian home buyers, according to a new report.

Features like a modern kitchen and swanky bathroom are considered “nice to haves” and perhaps not surprisingly staying within budget is the most important consideration.

The findings are from the 2016 Westpac Home Ownership survey, commissioned no doubt just in time to promote Westpac’s new home lending service operating hours (now contactable on Saturdays… like the rest of us in the real estate world!).

The survey shows some shift in Aussie home buyer preferences since 2015. Budget considerations have increased in importance while aesthetic considerations have decreased.

But let’s not get too hung up on broad brush averages that can gloss over underlying truths.

We hate to state the obvious but we’re going to anyway: backyards and safe neighbourhoods will be important to some buyers, particularly families with kids. Other buyers – like down-sizing retirees – don’t want to mow a backyard.

Thankfully once Westpac got past their own headline they made this point too: “It’s clear Australians place varied levels of importance on different aspects of a home at different stages of life,” says Chris Screen, Westpac Group Head of Home Ownership.

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