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#4 Reasons why experts are going crazy for Brissie

by Kate Watt, Marketing Manager 14 May 2019

We admit we’re biased when it comes to loving Brisbane – we live here, so of course we think it’s great!

But it seems we’re not the only ones with a mega-crush on Brisbane. A growing chorus of property commentators are talking up Brissie as the sexiest new headline in Australia’s property market.
Here are #4 reasons why Sydney and Melbourne are so yesterday’s news.

  1. Brisbane is leading the nation with people moving here from interstate. That means across Australia more people are choosing to move to Brisbane than any other city.
  2. Brisbane has an undersupply of property. The property boffins at Property Update say Brisbane has a shortage of 48 properties per week on average, and it’s especially tight in investor friendly locations.
  3. Stronger rental yields are beginning to attract investors. For some time now Brisbane investment properties have rented for more than equivalent-priced properties in Sydney and Melbourne would. As prices in those cities continue to fall investors are becoming increasingly attracted to Brisbane’s healthy rental yield.
  4. Mega infrastructure projects are revitalising our city centre. If you haven’t yet heard about the massive Queen’s Wharf Development taking shape in George Street then Google it. We’re not overstating things to say this is an international scale hotel, bar and restaurant development with touches of Singapore’s glam Marina Bay Sands… just slightly shorter.

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