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How to add kerb-appeal-ka-ching on a shoe-string

by Kate Watt, Marketing Manager 14 May 2019

Got a tight budget but want your home to look a million dollars when it hits the market?

Expert renovator Cherie Barber has given Houzz #6 super cheap ways to lift your kerb appeal and we think they’re worth sharing.
Too often sellers think they need to spend tens of thousands of dollars to prepare their home for market. But chances are you won’t get that money back. Talk to your agent to get advice on how to present your home for market and you might be surprised that it need not cost the earth.

Here are #6 tips to get your started.

  1. Paint the façade. If you can wield a paintbrush yourself this job will add instant wow factor for the cost of a paint tin from Bunnings. Consider paint “liquid gold”. Bringing in the professionals will add more to your budget but is preferable to a dodgy DIY effort.
  2. Paint your daggy pavers. Got some old pavers or concrete out front? Breathe some new life into walkways, porches, garden edges and driveways with specialist paver paints. Do your research to select contemporary colours that will compliment your home’s façade.
  3. Zazz your front door. Add character with a freshly painted front door in a bright colour. It will give your property a wow factor for minimal time and cost.
  4. Get out the hedge clippers. Don’t be lazy. You’ve been watching that hedge grow wild for years and now it’s time to clip it back into shape. It will instantly smarten your front yard. Weed the garden beds while you’re at it and throw some mulch down.
  5. Landscape like a pro. If you’ve already done the weeding and mulching you’re half way there. Now take a look at your plants. Take out ones that aren’t working for you and add feature plants that are the right scale for your house – not too bushy, not too spindly.
  6. Add some decorative bling. Try a new letterbox or feature lights near the front door to instantly transport your home out of the 80s and into the now.

Ready to cash in on your hard work? Talk to us about selling.