Brighter Buying

Aussies invest more mojo in house hunting than gym workouts

by Kate Watt, Marketing Manager 14 May 2019

The average Aussie spends just over an hour at the gym or working out each week – but we spend more than twice that trawling through property listings.

We while away 2.5 hours each week on average browsing listings while extreme property devotees invest more than 7 hours pining over houses, property magazines and websites.
By comparison we spend just 0.88 hours a week talking to our parents, according to HSBC research published by
(Note to mum and dad: if you want to see more of your adult kids, put your house on the market!)
But apparently property-obsessed Aussies are not the world’s worst. The average resident of the United Arab Emirates spends 6.6 hours a week enthralled in property research. While in the US they’ll spend 4.95 hours.
We are firm believers that you should research your local market before you commit to what is probably the biggest purchase of your life. But, as they say, too much analysis results in paralysis.
HSBC Australia head of mortgages Alice Del Vecchio told it’s important to be realistic about what you can afford.
“An industry of property magazines, TV programs and websites is making it harder than ever to have realistic expectations about what you can afford — with many Aussies putting off important life stages, like having children, in the quest to afford the perfect property,” she said.
“It’s essential to begin this buying process by having an open discussion with your partner, family or financial adviser to discuss what you can afford and what compromises you might have to make.”
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