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#5 Hottest paint colours for 2019

by Kate Watt, Marketing Manager 7 February 2019

Last year’s interior colour trends saw the emergence of dusky pinks and deep greens, and to the untrained eye, the hot new colours for 2019 look pretty similar!

But don’t be fooled. What looks like a sea green is actually a “fugitive blue”, reports Houzz.

Here’s what you need to know to make sure your feature walls and K Mart homewares are on trend this year.

  1. Old meets new. This trend is about blending moody pinks and purples with deep greens and blues. The must-have accessory for this palette is … wait for it… stuff you already have! Display items with which you have a personal connection.
  2. Rich and monochrome. The name gives away the key colour here: grey. And it’s paired with wood hues and browns. Accessorise with metallic items that add a bit of bling and dark green indoor plants.
  3. Botanical greens. These greens play to our wellness obsession. Paint whole walls in a soft green and double up with leafy plants. Contrast with rust and clay tones.
  4. Wild forest hues. Taubmans has chosen a deep, sophisticated green, Night Watch, as it’s 2019 colour of the year. Don’t be scared to saturate whole walls with this colour and accessorise with earthy, tribal type pieces including woven rugs, tan leather and fur throws.
  5. Fugitive blues. Blues that “won’t let you pin them down” are tipped for popularity in 2019, so be ready for your dinner parties to erupt in lively debate about whether your walls are blue or green. Accessorise with brass, linen, tan leather and artwork with yellow, mustard and dusty pink.

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