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Buyer stampede forecast for these school catchment zones

by Kate Watt, Marketing Manager 7 February 2019

Parents across Queensland are breathing a sigh of relief that school is back. But some are feeling extra pleased, having nabbed themselves a home in a top public school catchment zone.

Families are willing to pay tens of thousands of dollars more for homes in popular catchment zones rather than fork out hefty private school fees.

They see it as a double investment in their home and their kids’ education, reports

It’s a touchy subject. Last year’s rezoning for Brisbane State High – where more than half the students received top OP1 honours – is expected to place a premium on homes within the coveted catchment, while those now outside will miss out. Buyers are reportedly willing to pay 10 per cent more for in-zone homes.

So if you’re planning a family it might pay to do your research and put down roots near a school you deem fit for your cherubs-to-be.

Here are a list of the top ranked public primary and secondary schools in Brisbane in 2018 from

Top ranked public primary schools in Brisbane in 2018

  1. Rainworth State School
  2. MacGregor State School
  3. Ashgrove State School
  4. Ironside State School
  5. Wishart State School
  6. Indooroopilly State School
  7. Sunnybank Hills State School
  8. Chapel Hill State School
  9. Graceville State School
  10. Robertson State School

Top ranked public high schools in Brisbane in 2018

  1. Brisbane State High School
  2. Mansfield State High School
  3. Indooroopilly State High School
  4. Cavendish Road State High School
  5. Mount Gravatt State High School
  6. Kelvin Grove State College
  7. The Gap State High School
  8. Kenmore State High School
  9. Brisbane School of Distance Education
  10. Stretton State College

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