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Brisbane beats interstate rivals to attract new Scottish brewery. Cheers to that!

by Karleen Jentz, Copywriter 22 February 2018

Our iconic XXXX brewery at Milton has welcomed plenty of new kids to the block in recent years as Brisbane’s microbreweries swell in number and trendiness.

Aether Brewing has opened just a stone’s throw away near Suncorp Stadium.

Newstead features its own “brewmuda triangle” thanks to Green Beacon Brewing and Newstead Brewing Co.

Over at West End you’ll find the golden ale brewed onsite at Brisbane Brewing Co and you can enjoy seafood with a pint at The Catchment.

The DIY brewers amongst you have probably already discovered Woolloongabba’s Brews Brothers.

There are plenty more breweries around our river city and we’re excited to hear Brisbane is welcoming one more: BrewDog is heading our way from bonny Scotland according to recent news reports.

Apparently it wasn’t just our thirsty locals who attracted BrewDog to Brissie, but our economic prospects and access to a greenfield site at Murarrie.

If their beers are as interesting as their names, we’re in for a treat. We’ll take a schooner of Dead Pony Club and Punk IPA thanks.

If a microbrewery pops up near you it could mean more than just easy access to cold drinks. Microbreweries, along with hipster cafes and restaurants, are all good signs your suburb is gentrifying. So crack a cold one to celebrate!

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Green Beacon Brewing Co

Part of Newstead own “brewmuda triangle”.

Brisbane Brewing Co

Is an institution to the local vibe of West End.

Newstead Brewing Co

Played a major role in transforming Brisbane's beer scene.

The Catchment

West End's art-deco inspired bar, brewery and restaurant.


Is heading our way from bonny Scotland.

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