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Get your pool holiday ready

by Kate Watt, Marketing Manager 21 November 2019

School’s out for year 12 and other grades aren’t far behind. So if your pool is looking as worn out as your kiddies’ uniforms, you have just a few weekends to get it primed for a summer holiday splashing.

The saviours at Houzz have these useful tips to transport your pool back to its last-summer glory days.

  1. Start with water quality. Use a test kit to make sure the pH level is within the recommended range, testing from elbow deep water. Re-balance with recommended products from your local pool shop, then keep up your chlorine regime.
  2. Automate maintenance. Didn’t enjoy step one? Talk to your pool shop about automated and robotic cleaning aids so you can spend more time lazing, less time cleaning.
  3. Spring clean while you still can. Scrub and brush algae, dirt and dust from the pool and surrounding surfaces to give it a gleam.
  4. Safety test and check. Walk the perimeter of your pool fence, check the gate and make sure pots, seats and anything climb-able stays clear of the fence line. Make sure you have a resuscitation chart.
  5. Get creative with a pool house. Want to keep kids occupied even longer? Consider building a pool house. If you’ve got the budget, bring in the experts for a luxe poolside makeover. But if you’re a DIY lover, consider converting an old shed with a weekend trip to Bunnings.

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