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Live large with these luxe gift ideas for your home

by Kate Watt, Marketing Manager 14 December 2022

Stuck for Christmas gift ideas? Aren’t we all! It’s hard to go wrong with a gift that will be enjoyed in your home year-round. We love this list of 90+ Christmas gift ideas on Finder.

We’ve cherry picked a few housey gifts we think would look good under any tree this year and check out the Finder website for details on where to buy them.

Under $20

  • ‘Rough Day’ wine glasses $14.99 measure your wine in three units: an easy day, rough day and “don’t even ask”
  • 12-piece organic bath bomb set $18.99 looks luxe, feels lovely

Under $50

  • Bialetti Moka espresso coffee maker $49.95 – a premium coffee kit for a not-so-premium price
  • Bamboo bathtub caddy tray $45.99 – even a cheap glass of bubbly will look schmancy on this tray as you unwind after a long day

If you need to ask, you can’t afford it

  • Wood-fired pizza oven $395 – it might be hard to imagine the appeal in a blistering Brisbane summer but think ahead to the pizza parties come winter

For the kiddies

  • Bluey Bedside night light $19
  • H20GO! Inflatable Pool and slide play set $79

For the man cave

  • Whiskey globe decanter set $73.99 – this globe shape whiskey decanter adds a modern take on old world charm
  • Cast iron wall mount deer bottle opener $49.95 – you gotta see this

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