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Our #5 favourite Aussie place names

by Kate Watt, Marketing Manager 23 January 2019

To celebrate Australia Day we’ve scoured our country for the best Aussie place names. It appears Aussies are a creative bunch when it comes to place names – sometimes unintentionally.

Here are our #5 faves.

  • Bogan Shire, NSW. Where might you find the legendary Aussie bogan? You’ll need to head to the back of Bourke, quite literally in regional New South Wales, to find Bogan Shire. The Boganites are loud and proud when it comes to their region’s name and have unveiled the Big Bogan in the town of Nyngan to put their region on the tourist trail.
  • Holden Hill and Ford Street, South Australia. Clearly they love their cars in South Australia with a whole suburb named after a Mr R. Halden who loved Holdens. And they have two Ford Streets, in Ottoway and Maylands, just 30 minutes apart.
  • Yep, Tingalpa. It’s thought to be a derivative of an Aboriginal term which means “fat kangaroo”, according to The Courier-Mail. And you can’t get more Aussie than a kangaroo with a beer belly.
  • Thong Avenue and Singleton. You put your singlet on (get it, Singleton?) and a pair of thongs and you have our national dress. So let’s celebrate Singleton in the NSW Hunter Valley for more than it’s fine wine, and also tip our wide-brimmed hat to Thong Avenue north of Rockhampton.
  • Beer Street, Tasmania. Tassie has been the ‘little engine that could’ of the Aussie property market last year, with a growth spurt that put the mainland to shame. Known for its craft beer and the Cascade brewery, it also has its very own Beer Street in Wesley Vale north of Launceston.

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