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#7 Reasons our bashful Aussie property market is actually a bold battler

by Kate Watt, Marketing Manager 23 January 2019

Want a break from negative property headlines? Read these instead:
  • Australia has a strong economy
  • Unemployment numbers show the best labor market performance in six years
  • We’re creating jobs
  • We have strong migration
  • We have booming first home buyer numbers
  • Rents are increasing
  • Interest rates are low and not increasing.

So why all the talk about a property market crisis? It’s actually a “crisis of confidence” Dr Andrew Wilson told Property Update.

Australia has strong property fundamentals, but it’s wobbly consumer confidence that keeps people out of the market. So when consumer confidence turns from bashful to bold again, the property market will be ready to get on with growth like a little Aussie battler.

Here in Brisbane you can be forgiven for wondering what all the headlines are about anyway. We saw growth in 2018, unlike Sydney and Melbourne which fell. And most commentators are forecasting continuing gains for Brisbane in 2019.

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